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Anton Kappi

Frontend / UI developer

I am currently looking for new and interesting positions in the IT industry. I have a good knowledge of graphics programs and can also write code.

Web development is my most important and meaningful hobby and I spend a lot of time following and learning about the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

I like to solve the various problems of the frontend, so I created an account on stackoverflow and from time to time, I help to find various solution of the problems for the others developers.

I also strive to develop are modern and simple solutions. In addition, using GitHub as a storage for my projects, where I can keep them is up to date as needed. On the main page, you can see references of other projects.


It is possible for the employer to receive wage support when hiring me. The employer who hires me can receive financial support in the form of a wage subsidy of 50 percent of the hiring costs for 12 months.

More information about salary support:

work experience

Wizense Oy

Internship as a full stack developer. I worked from scratch on the admin panel UI. In my responsibility was create visual design and development with react.js. Also connecting and working in the Firebase.


This was a project for self employed. The design should be such, as to emphasize that this is a beauty salon. Created compact and responsive lists for context. For the content manager I selected a Google Sheets.

Vitercom Oy

This was a project for an Italian restoran. The idea was to recreate an antique atmosphere. The logo and menu list were be created with the illustrator, to be easy to scale. The website be simple and informative for the customers.

Femlux Oy

This was a first landing page, that I created with Adobe DreameWeaver (HTML5 and CSS3) after using Adobe Flash. This gave me a basic understanding about of css animation and responsive design.

Riofor Oy

The project for a small construction firm from Espoo. Fully created by Adobe Flash and ActionScript but for the animation preloader and logo, was use 3d editor Cinema4D. Unfortunately Flash is deprecated.


Opifame - Fullstack-Devaaja

Cloud services, Azure, HTML, JavaScript, MERN - Stack, Angular, Vue, Android application, React Native, Project management

Amiedu, TYP-asiakkaiden kartoitus ja uravalmennus

Career planning, Job search coaching, Personal and small group guidance

Amiedu, Tietotekniikkatutkinto

Computer Software Sharing, Word Processing - MS Word, Database - MS Access, Presentation Graphics - MS PowerPoint

Kouvolan ammattiopisto (markkinointi)

Business and Administration, Customer Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Planning


Libraries & Frameworks

React.js, Next.js, Gatsby.js, Styled Components, Node.js, Express.js

Programming languages

HTML5, SVG, JSX, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, GROQ, Markdown


Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Illusrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Cinema 4D, Adobe Dreamweaver


VSCode, Postman, Google DevTools, Git


GitHub, Netlify, Vercel, Contentful,, DatoCMS, FireBase, MongoDB


Windows, Microsoft Office





Working proficiency


Working proficiency


Web / UI Design trends, Web development, History, Philosophy, Cooking, Anime, Movies, Walk in the woods